Keystone Energy Star 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

This device is appropriate for small or medium crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are prone to humid condition which is as a result of ill ventilation and ill circulation of air. Moisty conditions are associated with health problems including coughs, allergies and difficulties in breathing which is as a result of molds and mildew development. Keystone energy star 70 pint has a number of pros that makes it a good choice for your small and medium crawl spaces.


The device operates at a capacity of up to 1.3 gallons of moisture condensed which is a moderate capacity.  It is also made with an outlet that allows you fit a hose for direct continuous water drainage.


Unlike other Dehumidifiers, Keystone Energy Star 70 Pint produces less noise which may be as a result of the positioning of the air outlet. Most of the dehumidifiers have their outlet on the top but this device have them on the side.

Performance and flexibility

Performance is a key requirement for any machine. Keystone Energy Star 70 Pint operates at high performance removing up to 70 pints of humidity/ moisture from the air per day. It is a device that can be placed anywhere in the room where the humidity level is deemed to be high. Though it is described as to service small and medium crawl spaces, the device is not limited to that as it can service large room of up to 1500 to 4500 sq. ft. In addition, the device is quite light weighing up to 40 pounds and also fitted with long lasting casters with four rollers which aids the movement from one point to another.

It has the capability to operate even in low temperatures which may reach freezing point as it is fitted with a defroster system.




  • The machine comes with a removable dust filters which have a clean-filter alert. This makes it easy to clean the air filters on a regular basis and this allows it to operate optimally and efficiently.
  • Efficiency is also enhanced by the LED display feature. This gives you the freedom to set time either 24 hours or otherwise of operation and level of moisture you desire.
  • Keystone Energy Star 70 Pint is electronically controlled thus gives you the option of programming as you desire. You have the ability to program to the auto-restart mode whenever there is a power blackout.


  • When connecting to a hose for constant drainage, you would require a separate adapter. The disadvantage is that, the device does not come with the package and this will mean some leakages.
  • The device as compared to other devices of the same kind has a smaller water reservoir which means that drainage will be more often lest it will shut down. This is can be annoying at some point.
  • Though its weight is relatively low, the machine is not fitted with a top extendable handle. This makes movement of the device rather hard if movement is frequent.


Bottom Line.

Keystone Energy Star 70 Pt. Dehumidifier is a model that you will not regret acquiring.

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