Most of the areas that are usually forgotten and taken for granted include the crawl spaces of your house as well as the large basements. These areas are very key especially if you keep your valuables in such places. The basement and the crawl spaces are a candidate of humid air due to their lack of constant air circulation hence dampness. This encourages the growth of mold and mildew as well as poor air quality which in most cases is associated with poor health. Dehumidifiers for crawl spaces and large rooms comes in handy and the best pick is Danby 70 pint dehumidifier for crawl space and large rooms.

The following are the reasons why 70 pint dehumidifier for crawl space and large rooms is the best pick.


Efficiency is well explained when power is brought into play. The 70 pint dehumidifier performs tremendous job at a minimum electrical cost. It is designed in a way that when the desired humidity level is attained, the control system forces the fan to switch off along with the compressor thus saving electricity. In addition, the machine has a great capacity as it can dehumidify up to 70 pits (equivalent to 33 liters of moisture per day) as the name suggest. This machine is also capable of performing its job with a coverage of 3800 sq. ft. making it appropriate for large rooms and crawl space.

The 70 pint dehumidifier comes with 2 fan speed which gives you the freedom to adjust to the desired speed according to the humidity level you want to achieve as well as the area coverage.


When the moisture condenses, the machine gives you two ways of draining the reservoir. You have the option of manually emptying the reservoir when 14.2 pits are reached or you can operate the machine on gravity basis where you set up a nonstop gravity drainage feature.


The operating temperatures are pretty low which allows the device to dehumidify the air until the temperatures reaches about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The device is also fitted with an auto defrost system.

Ease of operation.

Ease of control is enhanced by the electronic control system. The machine is programmable with illustrating icons which brings the ease of operation. In addition to the programmable buttons, the device has LED indicator display which helps the user know the temperature, humidity level and the time the dehumidifier is running at.

Ease of operation is also enhanced by the available information displayed clearly by the machine. The technical job on your side is just to set the required level of humidity and the rest is done by the fan and the compressor.

I cannot close this section without acknowledging the fact that this machine can be moved to any location with a lot of ease. It is fitted with a castor system underneath with four wheels which makes the movement so easy. Moreover, the machine weighs around 51 pounds which is pretty easy to handle.


Shortcomings of the device.

As with every machine, this machine has its own cons including;

*        The machine is quite noisy as compared to other portable dehumidifiers.

*        Its span life is reduced by the plastic cover which with time makes it unpresentable.

Bottom line.

The 70 pint dehumidifier is a good device to remove moisture in large rooms as well as crawl spaces. Since the benefits overshadow the cons, then, if you appreciate saving energy and right humid air, then this is the best device to purchase.

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