Makes our old trampoline look like new! Like. Perfect and help our summer sun with no discoloration yet!

I need to replace an old pad. The first pad that came was not the right size and color. The customer service was excellent and took care of it. I saw a notice asking about the waist. If it is of wrong size and does not fit you just email customer service and they will take care of you.

We bought this to replace our old trampoline  cover with this one, which was a dark green forest. This color blended well with the outside; this is a very bright, spring green coloring book (kind against kind). This pad is our trampoline very well and gives it a new look once. Seems very high quality and weatherproof. We'll see how it holds up the summer sun. 

It was easy to install and has a clearly marked entrance. Since the trampoline surface, springs and frame were all in great shape, all it took was a new safety  net and coverage. It works great, fit was perfect, the installation a breeze, and made the entire new trampoline new look. Now, instead of the horror district, all local kids want to jump on my trampoline and I must hunt with a broom. Best of all, this coverage was cheap which is great considering that a dollar does not go as far today as it did when I was a kid.

I thought the price was a little high, but it was the woman of my back and the kids were back jumping all day long even give me time to redo my thing. I am happy with the purchase.

Apollo Horticulture GLD80X5LED 400W LED Grow Light Review

Apollo Horticulture Manufacturers are one the leading LED Light manufactures we have and though their rating has not been so fulfilling, their recent product: Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W Grow Light, has come to their rescue. It is a product that will ensure that your product is in perfect shape both in the vegetative and the flowering stages.

There are key features that differentiates it from other LED products in the market. In this article, I shall explore this features as well as the Pros and the Cons of this model. However, this product is not a perfection in what it brings on table therefore I advise that you as a customer should do further research before you make the decision of acquiring one.

Essential Feature.

*        Perfect Light spectrum which is key for the flowering and the vegetative stages of your plant. The array of the spectrum is as follows: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, 730nm & White 6500K.

*        A power cord: 6.6 feet.

*        A set of 19 inch hanging Kit that enhances easy installation. The hanging kit is stainless steel thus rust will not come your way.

*        80 Pieces, 5 Watt Chips that are usually not driven to their full capacity which is an advantage as this ensures its life span of 50,000 hours are achieved.

*        This product works in a wide range of places including green houses, aqua systems, grow boxes, and other hydroponic system.

*        It has a mixture of 90 degrees and 120 degrees viewing angle which ensures that plants are well covered with light.

*        The model comes with two 4.5 inch fans which ensures that the unit is kept cool always. This eliminate the worry of overheating.

*        It has a coverage of 3x3 feet for vegetative growth and a 2.5x2.5 feet for flowering growth.

*        The device produces approximately 10800 lumens. This enhances healthy fast growth.

*        It has a power consumption of 110V:198W +- 5% and at 220V: 192W +-5%.

*        Amps: 110V-1.8A/ 220V-0.88A.

*        Voltage: 85~265V.


·         A lifespan of 50,000 hours.

·          Unlike the normal 1W or 3 W diodes that you are probably used to, the device uses 5W diodes which a rather powerful.

·         The model is not complicated as it is very easy to operate as well as to set up.

·         It is affordable priced rather fairly at around $199.95 with free shipping.

·         Small in size with a dimension of 13.2”x13.2”x3.75”

·         Wide range of light spectrum.

·         Quite bright. This is provided the right environment for growing flowers.

·         Strong customer relation from the manufacturers.



Apollo manufacturers have not yet given the proper hanging height which poses a controversy on which height is appropriate for this best led grow lights. However, from those who have used it, hanging 18-22 inches and also 36 inches above the plant, say it has produced positive results.


Hanging too close to the plant can eventually sear the plants due to the heat.

Parting Short.

Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W LED Grow Light is a device that as a horticulturists must switch to if you are yet to. It is a product that gives you value for money.


Most of the areas that are usually forgotten and taken for granted include the crawl spaces of your house as well as the large basements. These areas are very key especially if you keep your valuables in such places. The basement and the crawl spaces are a candidate of humid air due to their lack of constant air circulation hence dampness. This encourages the growth of mold and mildew as well as poor air quality which in most cases is associated with poor health. Dehumidifiers for crawl spaces and large rooms comes in handy and the best pick is Danby 70 pint dehumidifier for crawl space and large rooms.

The following are the reasons why 70 pint dehumidifier for crawl space and large rooms is the best pick.


Efficiency is well explained when power is brought into play. The 70 pint dehumidifier performs tremendous job at a minimum electrical cost. It is designed in a way that when the desired humidity level is attained, the control system forces the fan to switch off along with the compressor thus saving electricity. In addition, the machine has a great capacity as it can dehumidify up to 70 pits (equivalent to 33 liters of moisture per day) as the name suggest. This machine is also capable of performing its job with a coverage of 3800 sq. ft. making it appropriate for large rooms and crawl space.

The 70 pint dehumidifier comes with 2 fan speed which gives you the freedom to adjust to the desired speed according to the humidity level you want to achieve as well as the area coverage.


When the moisture condenses, the machine gives you two ways of draining the reservoir. You have the option of manually emptying the reservoir when 14.2 pits are reached or you can operate the machine on gravity basis where you set up a nonstop gravity drainage feature.


The operating temperatures are pretty low which allows the device to dehumidify the air until the temperatures reaches about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The device is also fitted with an auto defrost system.

Ease of operation.

Ease of control is enhanced by the electronic control system. The machine is programmable with illustrating icons which brings the ease of operation. In addition to the programmable buttons, the device has LED indicator display which helps the user know the temperature, humidity level and the time the dehumidifier is running at.

Ease of operation is also enhanced by the available information displayed clearly by the machine. The technical job on your side is just to set the required level of humidity and the rest is done by the fan and the compressor.

I cannot close this section without acknowledging the fact that this machine can be moved to any location with a lot of ease. It is fitted with a castor system underneath with four wheels which makes the movement so easy. Moreover, the machine weighs around 51 pounds which is pretty easy to handle.